L-R: | Trevor “Tre” Miles – Bass | Josh Lauze – Drums | Shane “Shanr” Jolie – Vocals | Sebastien “Sea Bass” Mark Pulse – Guitar | Geoff “Gway” Way – Guitar – Photo Credit – Alex Barredo
Vancouver, BC’s CRNKSHFT are setting the scene ablaze with their explosive, drop tune aggression with melody at its core. To sum it all up…these guys are ‘hard as f**k’.

Influenced by bands like Alice In Chains, Five Finger Death Punch, Pantera and Godsmack, CRNKSHFT have carved out a sound in the vein of Shinedown, Breaking Benjamin, Alter Bridge, and Black Stone Cherry.

Since the band’s formation in 2015, CRNKSHFT’s engine has been firing on all cylinders with their debut EP ‘Hard F***ing Rock’ released in 2015 plus being tapped as local support for such touring bands as Prong, Grim Reaper, Lordi and The Veer Union.

Ready to shift gear to full speed, the wrecking crew will be unleashing their next self-titled EP produced by Daren Grahn (Metallica, Hedley, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi) on March 24, 2017.

“Our new EP is a beast; we are really excited to showcase our melodic side. The four songs should touch a wide demographic of fans, which is what we want. We aren’t looking to be defined as just a heavy metal band, but as a hard knocking punch to get anyone going. We’re accepted by all those who listen to metal and rock. The whole idea of CRNKSHFT’s music is that we’ll be enjoyed by fans across a variety of genres.” states the band.

The EP’s first released single “Systematic” has already won ‘Best Metal Song’ by the Academia Awards Academy in Los Angeles, demonstrating that CRNKSHFT’s punishing high octane sound is ready to win over the masses.
When it comes to lyrics, vocalist Shane Jolie explains.

“This EP is pseudo political, but also has songs about heartache and emotions, it’s not a story from start to finish, and each song has its own message. It’s an EP to show the world who we are and what we’re all about. My writing is dark, ideas came from depression and anger, sometimes when I’m happy, but mostly not and it’s still very true to this day. I want people to take whatever they can from the listening experience of our new EP. Music always helped me out of my funks and I want CRNKSHFT to do the same. Let it be accessible to all people and all feelings.”

The band explains the EP track by track.

1. Systematic is about being a cog in the system and the struggle attached when you finally realize that’s life, but also finding the power to break free from that.

2. Tears Me Apart is about doubt and fear, putting you out there, being destroyed and just discussing those feelings.

3. Breaking is similar, but it’s about exposing false truths in the world and saying there are people just like you, don’t let depression win.

4. Old Habits is about the daily battle in your own mind between being driven or following the same pattern and expecting different results. Wait for it all to change, but old habits die hard. Unfortunately, it’s about fighting with your own mind and standing up to whatever is mentally keeping you back from achieving your true greatness.

CRNKSHFT prides itself on writing raw, emotional music and when they perform with zero f**ks given, what you see is what you get…a leave it all on stage attitude that gets fans fists pumping, head banging and singing along to the band’s anthemic melodies.

“We’re not a band that’s going to give you stage props and fake blood and shit, we’re going to give you an emotional rollercoaster, it’s not just straight metal or straight rock its a mixer of everything in between, the songs have tonnes of dynamic, and we push for people to get caught up in it.”

Mark it down on your calendars, March 24, 2017; there is no stopping the CRNKSHFT freight train. The self-titled EP will be available on iTunes, Bandcamp, CD Baby, Spotify and all major online retailers.


Shane Jolie – Vocals

Shane Jolie – Vocals

Seb Mark – Guitar

Seb Mark – Guitar

Geoff Way – Guitar

Geoff Way – Guitar

Tre Miles – Bass

Tre Miles – Bass

Josh Lauze – Drums

Josh Lauze – Drums


August 26, 2016 – The Media Club, Vancouver, CA
May 29, 2016 – Venue, Vancouver, CA
February 6, 2016 – Studio Club, Vancouver, CA
January 9, 2016 – Studio Club, Vancouver, CA
October 17, 2015 – The Hidenburg, Vancouver, CA
August 14, 2015 – Studio Club, Vancouver, CA
June 6, 2015 – Seven Dining Lounge, Vancouver, CA
August 1, 2013 – Venue, Vancouver, CA
July 5, 2013 – Shark Club, Vancouver, CA
June 15, 2013 – Mugs and Jugs, Surrey, CA
May 31, 2013 – The Cellar Nightclub, Vancouver, CA
May 11, 2013 – Joe’s Appartment, Vancouver, CA
March 29, 2013 – The Cellar Nightclub, Vancouver, CA
February 9, 2013 – Funky Winkerbeans, Vancouver, CA
February 8, 2013 – The Cellar Nightclub, Vancouver, CA


Sounds like Shinedown with a little bit of Nirvana, pretty awesome.
Jake M (Youtuber)

Wow wow WOW!!!!!!!This is amazing!!!! What a great track! It just ripped my face off!
Sylvia Massy (producer for Tool, System Of A Down, Red Hot Chili Peppers)

I have always said I wish I had “one of those tracks” under my belt. You know, the track that you could play for really anybody; a kid, a peer, a heavy musician, a producer, someone whom you’d like to impress for whatever reason, anybody… that is the track for me. Great writing, tons of energy, unapologetic, dynamics, intent, world class production, all parts are so strong, title and guitar hook so memorable.
Tony Ferraro (drummer for Trooper, Fear Zero,) about the Single “Systematic”

Great band ! Sounds pretty heavy. Intro riff is killer
Cory Churko (guitar player for kelly Clarkson, Shania Twain) about the Single “Systematic”

You Guys are the first real band I have seen in three years, when you came on stage I was like, F*** ya, you guys are a band”… When I approach a label they as me are these guys stars, I’m going to tell them these guys are stars.
-­ Tommy Mac (Bass Player for Hedley/BigFatScratch/Flybanger/Everything After)

Like an ominous storm in the distance that’s slowly moving towards you, Crnkshft’s music hits you with such strong dynamics and power that it will knock the breath right out of you.
‐ Darren Grahn (Producer – Metallica, Hedley, Bon Jovi, Motley Crue)